Frequently Asked Questions

Kids reading in playground King's Cross Academy Primary School

Here is a collection of questions from parents. If you have a query that we haven’t answered here, please send it to us, or come along on one of our school tours.

  • Are you a fee-paying school?

    No. The Academy is not a fee-paying school, but we offer activities outside the usual school day including breakfast and after-school provision which we charge for.

  • How many children can you take every year?

    We have up to 60 places in the reception class and 26 places in the nursery.

  • Can we meet the Headteacher?

    You can find dates when you can meet Stephen Mitchell, the Headteacher, as part of a school tour on our home page.

  • Do you do home visits?

    When you accept a place in a reception class, our staff will organise a home visit to get to know you and your child.

  • How do we apply for a place?

    New applications for Reception must be made on the Camden common application form at the start of the new school year and returned to the admissions department at:

    Schools Admissions Team (Camden Council)
    5 Pancras Square
    London N1C

    Tel: 020 7974 1625

    You can also apply online. Applications open at the start of September and close in mid-January.

    If you wish to apply for a place mid-year, please use the mid-year application form available on our admission page.

    If you require any assistance with applications please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • My child wasn't offered a place. How do we appeal?

    Applicants who are not offered a place have a right of appeal to an independent appeal panel constituted and operated in accordance with the School Admission Appeals Code.

    For details, please visit the Admissions Appeals section.

  • What is the catchment area?

    There is no catchment area. King’s Cross Academy is a new school, built to meet the need arising from the development of King’s Cross, and because more people are moving into the area. In the event that there is competition for places, we will use the same oversubscription policy as other Camden Schools. See our admissions policy for details.

  • Does the school have a specialism?

    The school does not have a subject specialism, but celebrates its extraordinary location at King’s Cross. That means we celebrate our exciting past and the opportunities presented by our environment. We also join up with the many world-class businesses and organisations around us to provide extra activities for your children. Learn more about the unique opportunities your children will have to explore different subjects with the help of our many extraordinary neighbours.

  • Is this a faith school?

    No this is not a faith school, but children learn about the variety and range of faiths of families in the area, respect the different faiths of their classmates and celebrate different festivals.

  • What does sharing a building with Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children mean?

    We are really proud and excited to be sharing our building with Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children. They are an existing outstanding school and bring lots of brilliant ideas to help children learn. We have separate classrooms but shared playground areas. All children and staff learn British Sign Language (BSL) so they can communicate with each other. Parents we have spoken to are delighted, as they know that BSL helps all children to learn and communicate. Our building has a special sound system which means that every child can hear, wherever they sit.

  • Is the school open a longer day?

    Yes, we have both breakfast and after-school clubs. Breakfast club runs from 8am to 9am and the after-school club runs from 3pm to 6pm for the nursery children and 3.30pm – 6.00pm for all other children. There is a fee for these services. Find more information here.


  • What are the outdoor spaces where children can play and do sport?

    The Academy has its own secure indoor and outdoor play areas. We also have priority use of a multi-use games area (Handyside Sports Pitch) within the adjacent Tapestry building, and Gasholder Park, just beyond the playground fence. Public swimming pools and other play spaces are just a short walk away.

  • Do our children have a secure playground?

    Yes. Looking after your children and keeping them safe during the school day is a priority for us. As we are a newly built school, we have been able to take advantage of the latest security systems and design, both in the school and around the playground.

  • Do you have a school Uniform?

    Yes, our uniform is a red sweatshirt and light blue aertex shirt embroidered with the school emblem, and your own choice of grey trousers, shorts or skirts. We recommend children wear comfortable shoes. If you wish, you can also purchase fleeces and sports clothes embroidered with the school emblem. Uniforms are available to purchase online, please see our uniform page for more information.

  • What are the options available for school meals?

    We have our own kitchen and chef, who cooks fresh, healthy meals every day. All children are entitled to free school lunches.

  • Do the pupils have many educational visits throughout the year?

    King’s Cross Academy is in the heart of London, with of exciting places to visit on our doorstep or just a short bus ride away. We take children out regularly on visits to galleries, museums and places of interest. We hope parents will join us on some of these visits. Parents’ consent forms are given out when the child joins the school, but for major outings, you will be given early notification, and permission in writing is required before a child can participate in the outing.

  • How do you listen to parents’ ideas for the school?

    We welcome any ideas or input from parents. Please write, phone, or come along to our open sessions and share them with us.

  • How do you communicate with parents?

    There is time at the start and end of each school day where parents and staff can talk with each other easily and informally, and raise any issues.

    We hold monthly coffee mornings for all parents, and we also communicate electronically, using email, text and the virtual learning platform.

  • How do you let parents know how their children are doing at school?

    In nursery and reception, children’s progress is reported to parents every term in a face-to-face meeting and via email in the form of an e-profile.

    In KS 1 and KS2, parents are invited to attend a learning consultation every term where your child’s progress is discussed. A comprehensive end-of-year report detailing your child’s progress and attainment against the early learning goals/curriculum and future targets is also sent out.

    The Academy has an open door policy and believes that parents should be involved in the assessment process on a regular, ongoing basis. We actively encourage all parents to discuss their child’s learning and development with the class teachers and support staff at every opportunity.

  • Can my child learn another language?

    In addition to learning British Sign Language, all children learn French from nursery throughout their time with us. As you look out from the school building you can see the Eurostar going by, linking France to England, and our children soon appreciate the importance of speaking another language.

  • Are there any jobs at the school for local people?

    Yes, we are very keen to employ local people at the school. We advertise all vacancies on our website and through the job-finding service, KX Recruit at 11 Stable St, just opposite the Academy Building.