Food at the Academy

Lunchtime at King's Cross Academy Primary School

Food plays a central role at the Academy and we believe it’s an important part of children’s learning to promote good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

We structure our lunchtimes around family dining. Family dining allows children to eat in groups with children of all ages. It encourages older children to support younger children and so fosters positive relationships throughout the whole school. At King’s Cross Academy being part of a community is an integral part of our school. Belonging within a team and showing respect are values which we believe should be evident at all times of the day, including lunchtimes.

Instead of a canteen approach to serving dinners where children queue up for food, family dining allows children the opportunity to sit at a table straight away, to have food served by older children under the guidance of a staff member and to eat in a sociable way. The children also enjoy the opportunity to sit with staff occasionally to chat and share a tasty meal together. The children eat alongside children of different age groups. The food is served to the table and then the older children (Family Dining Leaders) serve this onto plates. These children are trained how to serve food so they are always safe when doing this. Family dining provides the opportunity for all children to really get to know each other and also for us as a community to enjoy our lunch in a calm, pleasant and enjoyable way.

At the table, children have the hot meal alongside bread and salad which is available for all. Desserts are served after the hot meal and there is always a fruit option should children prefer this. We have a wonderful catering team who specialise in providing healthy, nutritious and delicious food with plenty of variety and all food allergies and dietary requirements are catered for. To help ensure the meal choices are what the children really enjoy our school council, made up of children from every year group in the school, are given the opportunity to influence future menus.

For those children who decide they would like packed lunches they also eat in the hall so that as a school community we enjoy a shared lunchtime experience.

All children are entitled to free school meals for the 2023/2024 school year. In addition, parents and children are invited to a free breakfast every morning from 8.45 am where cereal, bagels, and fruit juices are available to give everyone a good start to the day.


Lunchtime at King's Cross Academy Primary School
Lunchtime at King's Cross Academy School Primary School

Our chef, who has a passion for supporting children’s healthy eating habits, prepares our lunches. The fresh, healthy meals have been specifically designed to support children’s development and are served in our main hall. Background music ensures an enjoyable eating experience and introduces children to different genres of music.

Having our own chef allows us the flexibility to adapt the menu if needed and to cater for children who may have food allergies or intolerances.

Our chef also visits the classrooms to introduce the children to the ingredients that she will be using in her cooking. We find that this helps children become a little braver when it comes to trying out new ingredients and developing their tastes.

Parents are emailed the weekly lunch menu so you can plan your child’s diet for the week.

The chicken curry is the highlight of my week, I wish the chef would share the recipe!

Year 5 Pupil