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Logging into Seesaw using Google Log in



Logging into Seesaw using Home Learning Code (EYFS/KS1 only)


Seesaw – How can I create a shortcut to two different accounts? (For multiple siblings)

This video shows you how you can save a Seesaw account to your desktop. This will support you if you have more than one child in your household who uses Seesaw. If you use this approach, you will not need to sign out and sign back in every time.

Credit – Lauren Hannon

Accessing Google Classroom


FAQs – Remote Learning

1) How can I have multiple children logged in on the same device on Seesaw?

When using Seesaw on a computer, when you have signed in you can save that page to your desktop. This way, all you need to do is select the icon on your desktop and it will take you straight to the Seesaw page and you will be signed in.

Here is a video with instructions: Saving to desktop

2) Why can’t we use pen and paper?

You can use pen and paper instead of the activities on Seesaw or online. This is called an ‘unplugged’ version or activity. We understand that you may not want children to always use technology, so please feel free to complete work in the Home Learning + books and upload a photo instead.

3) Why I can’t I use the same account for both kids.

This is because we need to protect the other children in the class and their privacy. Also, we have a log in for every individual child which is linked to Google. Therefore, when we set up classes and use different resources we need the child to be logged in with Google correctly.

4) What is the difference between the QR code and Google Log in?

QR codes have been provided for younger children (EYFS and KS1). This is so children can log in independently and alleviates pressure on parents at home. In Ks2 children log in, this way we can send back, provide feedback and review work meaning children can be challenged more in their learning which is more appropriate for their age.

5) What should I do if there is a delay in hearing back from the school or tech email address?

Please give the school up to five days to respond to emails. If you request has not been responded to after this time frame, please send a follow up email. Please be aware, staff are in class and will respond when they can.

6) Can you save multiple draft files in seesaw? For example, if the child wants to work on more than one of the choose-one-each-week term projects at once because some of them take a lot longer than others. (I know you can do it by starting a draft each time you send out the sheet for the week.)

You can only have one draft in response to an activity. As mentioned, the way to do this would be to start a new draft each time the home learning is set. Alternatively, you could use the green plus button on the journal homepage to create your content and save as a draft. If you choose to do this option, please add a comment to say that it is part of your home learning so the teacher can mark accordingly.

7) How do you/can you move photos between pages on a seesaw project or do you have to load them onto the page where you want them?

You can use the copy and paste shortcut. Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste on the correct page.

8) What can I do if I have more than one sibling? Do I have to log in and out every time?

If you have more than one sibling you can save the child’s account to the desktop on your computer. This means you will not need to log in and out every time. Navigate to the third video to find out how.